mixMotion is very excited to announce the inclusion of our Kamiko interactive sculptures in the opening reception event for the 2016 Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) in Geneva, Switzerland! Three of our pieces were featured in the main room of the beautiful Bâtiment des Forces motrices, located in an historic converted mill straddling the Rhone river. The SIHH is an annual industry event for luxury watchmakers, including Cartier, Piaget, Mont Blanc, Greubel Forsey and many others. New to this incarnation of Kamiko was the introduction of a choreographed performance to music, with the ability to switch between its interactive mode and controllable performance mode.

Kamiko, whose name incorporates the meanings spirit, paper and goddess in the Japanese language, is an interactive kinetic sculpture that responds to your presence by moving and changing its shape and color when it senses you. Three Kamiko sculptures were installed in the venue, able to behave independently of each other. At set times during the evening they would suddenly spring to life, simultaneously dancing together in an orchestrated display, moving and changing color in time with the lighting and accompanying music.





For more information on Kamiko please visit http://kamiko.mixmotion.com/