mixMotion added a fun physical interactive game experience to the launch event for the Tim Hortons CIBC Visa card in Toronto. By hitting a target on the “Double Double Card Blast”, participants would receive a promotional pre-paid Tim Hortons or Visa card.


Including an easy and engaging experience with the promotion reinforced the teaming-up idea of the Tim Hortons Visa card while creating a fun, inviting atmosphere with the participants. The lights alternated between the Visa and Tim Hortons emblems, which the contestants had two chances to hit. When a contestant hit the target the light remained on to indicate clearly which prize they ‘d won.


Challenges for this project included creating a mechanism that would sense when it was hit but would be durable enough to withstand repeated physical force. The mechanism had to be low profile and allow for the addition of the logo emblems at the front. The lights needed to work with the sensor and be bright enough to see in broad daylight.

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