Kamiko is an Interactive Kinetic Sculpture that responds to your presence by moving and changing its shape and color. Unique and attractive, Kamiko creates an engaging interactive experience.

Kamiko is the creative vision of artist and designer Karlen Chang, Creative Director of the design firm mixMotion. Karlen collaborated with the mixMotion team to bring Kamiko to life.

“We want people to feel an emotional connection to Kamiko. We focused on making its physical presence, movement and personality as emotionally expressive as possible. We’re exploring what relationships and emotions can develop between people and interactive objects/creatures.”

– Karlen Chang

Kamiko is a glimpse into our potential future. It asks us to imagine a world where everyday objects have real personalities: lamps, couches and tables become animated characters in your life. What would that world be like?

For more information please visit our Kamiko microsite.





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