mixMotion turned the Pheonix Concert Theatre in Toronto into a giant pirate ship, taking the crowd on an ocean-going voyage through a storm for Captain Morgan’s ‘Rock the Boat’ event.


Overview showing the view out the windows to the sea, and the bow of the ship looking forward.

The goal was to create an immersive sea journey experience that would take patrons on a voyage while telling a story and building up to a climax over the course of a night. The event would elevate the Captain Morgan brand by presenting a consistently exciting progression throughout the night. The timeline of the journey was executed in real-time over the course of the evening, allowing for sudden changes or delay of events that were timed with certain actions. Venue lighting and audio was integrated with custom video and audio to create simultaneous effects like lighting, thunder, and rain.

The journey began at a harbour at sunset.


View of the sunset and harbour from inside the boat


Rock The Boat.Still001

Actual footage created of harbour landscape at sunset

From there the journey progressed, in real time, as the boat left the harbour and moved out to sea. Islands passed by, the sun set, the stars and moon came out.



Rock The Boat.Still005


After a while it began to get cloudy, eventually  obscuring the moon. Rain began to fall. The waves got larger and the boat started listing from side to side.



Rock The Boat.Still008


At a pre-determined time the storm reached its peak. Lightning and thunder crashed and the waves grew in intensity. Suddenly there was a tremendous thunderclap and all of the lights inside the club flashed in tandem with the lightning strikes outside the windows. Captain Morgan took the stage. The show was about to begin!

Rock The Boat.Still010





The event design included the creation and fabrication of the stage backdrop, dressed to show the bow of the ship looking to sea.


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