mixMotion designed and created the physical installations and concept for the Canadian unveiling of Bud Light’s new Platinum beer brand. The “Platinum World” concept included an outdoor tunnelled entrance and welcome area filled with projections, an interactive video mirror, a live Twitter feed and photo wall above the main bar, and custom live visuals on all screens for the Canadian launch of Bud Light Platinum at Uniun nightclub, Toronto.


The crowds were literally down the alley to the street and around the next corner at Portland and King for the Canadian launch of Bud Light Platinum. The Diplo-headlined event was an undisputed, rammed-to-capacity success thanks to well timed marketing, word of mouth and social media chatter. The goals for the night were to create the experience of entering a new world and to build up to a moment of elevation, where things would “go platinum”.


What We Did:

The event had six main components, each one building upon the next to produce a steady increase of excitement throughout the night.

  • Ideation and design of all event elements
  • The entrance and lineup area – Platinum World
  • Interactive video mirror in the media area
  • Above-bar live Twitter and photo-stream display
  • Custom visuals and branding
  • The moment of elevation – the night goes ‘platinum’


1. Ideation and Design

  • Meet with client to understand their goals for the night and for each area of the venue
  • Concept and design for ‘Platinum World’
  • Visualization and mock-ups




2. The Entrance and Lineup Area – “Platinum World”

  • Custom designed fabric tunnel entrance
  • Floor to ceiling screen covering rear wall
  • Full-scale projections
  • Custom content



Custom designed entrance to Platinum World – photo by Toronto Is Awesome

The entrance was a custom designed fabric tunnel and blue carpet leading into an outdoor waiting area bordered by a large floor to ceiling projection screen and blue lighting . Two high powered projectors displayed our custom atmospheric, Bud Light Platinum brand-specific content on the tunnel, screen and carpet, creating the “Platinum World” area and signalling your entry into another reality.

Platinum World interior

Platinum World interior

3. Interactive Mirror – Media Area

  • Custom interactive mirror installation
  • Projections


Upon entry, after being greeted and given your complimentary drink ticket, you pass the interactive media area. This raised seating area featured our interactive  mirror being displayed on a curved wall, allowing patrons to transform themselves into a digitized display.


Media area featuring interactive video mirror


4. Above-Bar Live Twitter Feed and Photo Stream

  • Custom designed screens built to size and installed
  • Video mapped projections
  • Custom branded video content
  • Live Twitter feed
  • Live photo stream from event photographer


Above the main bar is a huge collection of cubby holes of different shapes and sizes. We covered them with screens and projection mapped them to create a long display that ran the length of the bar.  To encourage people to interact via Twitter, a live Twitter feed was projected on a large screen. As well, photographs from the event were sent directly to the screens and displayed in a constantly rotating manner over video backgrounds that matched the colour scheme of the event.

Above Bar twitter

Live Twitter feed


The projection mapped screens

 5. Custom Visuals and Branding

  • Custom video content for branding and logos
  • Brand colours
  • Custom motion graphic animation of bottles
  • Custom motion graphic backgrounds and particle effects
  • Video mapping of separate screens for DJ booth and dancefloor





 6. The moment of elevation

  • Conceptual design of ‘elevate’ moment
  • Live “VJ” performance before, during and after climax
  • Choreographed unveiling of ‘Bud Light Platinum Is Here’ with start of Diplo
  • Choreographed video, lighting and audio climax
  • Custom audio design for elevate moment to introduce unveiling
  • Custom branded visual content




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