Ink Entertainment opened its new venue Uniun in Toronto in December. The former Devil’s Martini location has been transformed into an industrial-edged nightclub with a modern twist and a splash of high tech. Its prominent features include two massive LED screens that flank the dancefloor, as well as a programmable ceiling of LED light fixtures that changes with the music.  The venue needed a video for the screens that would set the mood for the night as well as contain some branding. mixMotion created custom visuals for the screens, mixing together thematic elements of industrial landscapes, dark city alleys, future fashions and steampunk chic to set the mood for the night and resonate with the architecture of the space.

The video was created in a very wide format to accommodate the ratio of the screens, which stretch across the length of the area in front of the DJ booth. Since the screens are very bright, careful consideration was given to creating the appropriate color palette and light levels. The idea is that the video would help enhance the lighting of the dancefloor area and not overpower it. Imagery blends in and out in a rhythmic way, not so frenetic that the content can’t be seen but in a way that keeps up the energy of the night and provides a subtle impression of the night’s themes. A similar treatment was given to the logos, helping to tie them into the launch. See below for some examples.


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