mixMotion performed live visuals and created custom content for the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange in Toronto. The event was the culmination of a year-long campaign by Smirnoff in which musical acts and nightlife culture were exchanged by 14 cities across the globe. Toronto was paired with Bangalore, India and for the night the Munition Factory was transformed with the sights and sounds of an Indian marketplace. 


The challenge for the night was to create an Indian-themed night that reflected the look of the advertising campaign that had been built up over the past year. To promote the final event, Smirnoff held promotional parties across Canada in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax. mixMotion created a custom DVD featuring VJ mixes of Canadian imagery and the Nightlife Exchange branding that travelled to each of these parties.

We worked closely with Smirnoff’s promotional team to coordinate the use of their Nightlife Exchange material into a visual mix that subtly promoted Smirnoff  while keeping the visuals upbeat and focused on the vibe of the event – especially concerning brightness, color scheme and pacing. We continued the look and feel constructed for the cross-Canada events into the final Toronto event. The night included a mix of popular musical acts from Toronto and India, including Dragonette, Isis Salam of Thunderheist, Shaa’ir + Func, and Jalebee Cartel. For each act we crafted a different visual look, incorporating Indian imagery, Nightlife Exchange material, our own VJ material and imagery of the performers which we mixed live.

As the event was taking place simultaneously across, we incorporated a continuously realtime updated motion graphic showing the progress of the other global events into our visuals. All visuals were displayed on a large LED wall covering the back of the stage. We also created a custom projection for the VIP area showing a stylized cityscape with time-lapse clouds and night sky drifting overhead with the lights in buildings bouncing to the beat of the music.

The event was a huge success, selling out despite the bitter cold outside. Inside was a warm, inviting space featuring many aspects of Indian life including a marketplace featuring food vendors, henna hand painting and live musicians.

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