We recently completed the Smirnoff Experience party featuring T.O.’s own Deadmau5. The VIP industry party had a graphic novel theme and was entitled “Graphic”. The environment featured a comic book style narrative that followed guests from the street entrance into the party upstairs and reflected thier unfolding story throughout the night.

mixMotion’s contributions began from creative concept designs to final production. We created and projected custom animated comic panels for the large warehouse style windows. A custom designed projection screen was created in the style of a comic book panel for the DJ booth. Special lighting was designed to create the illusion of comic book shading on the guests and the enviroment.

A live Twitter feed was projected in one lounge area, where partygoers’ tweets would show up instantly on the wall, and a live drawing photo area was also set up using video projection to capture photographs of guests as if they were part of the comic. As the night went on and Deadmau5 took to the DJ booth, we VJ’d live on multiple areas, a rear-projection behind the DJ booth, ghostly sheer panels from the ceiling as well as onto the huge window panels that covered the entire south wall, creating an immersive atmosphere emphasizing the mood, colour and theme of the event.

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