An interactive art installation that transformed the courtyard entrance of Scotia Plaza into an extraordinary, interactive and collaborative musical instrument for Toronto’s annual city wide – art festival Nuit Blanche. Visitors touched, jumped and played with tiles, benches and planters to create music. Covering 3500 square feet, Sounding Space encouraged people to explore, transforming the space from a place of serious financial business into a musical playground. A space where people became the audience, the participant and the performer.

“The attraction of Nuit Blanche is not just discovering new art, it satisfies our deep thirst for new ways to interact with each other. We’re social animals, online, at parties and on our streets. Instead of just being a passive audience we want new social interactions that create meaningful experiences. Sounding Space allows you to explore new social interactions in a fun and playful way ” exclaims Karlen Chang.

Karlen Chang, the lead artist in Sounding Space, is the principal designer for mixMotion. After countless VJ performances at parties, concerts and events since 2001, Chang realized that the heart of a successful event was the quality of the social experience. “The design of an event, a street corner or a social media website is vitally important. The amount of encouragement and opportunity to walk, sit, talk, dance and play strongly influences how we behave and interact with each other.”

Sounding Space was a collaborative art installation between Karlen Chang, Dafydd Hughes and David Mcallum.

As part of Nuit Blanche 2009, Sounding Space was one of the five Open Call projects chosen for Zone B in the financial district. This project was chosen by the curators Jim Drobnick and Jennifer Fisher of DisplayCult for the theme of NIGHTSENSE.