mixMotion created an innovative interactive kids game called Musical Pong. It was fun for the whole family but focused on creating a unique experience for ages 5-12+. The game was custom designed for the circus themed HarbourKids Festival.

This musical game had participants blow a ping-pong ball across a tabletop without letting it fall off the edge. Circus themed sounds are triggered when the ball rolls over different areas of the tabletop. Each table had a distinct “family of sounds.” the combined sounds of the four game tables created a fun, interactive and collaborative musical soundscape! This free flowing game could be played by two people or an entire group.

Musical Pong debuted at the HarbourKIDS festival at Harbourfront Centre Toronto, where it was greeted enthusiastically by kids and their families. Since the circus was the theme of the festival. Families and children played together creating a cacophony of sounds including elephants, clown horns and organ pianos.

Watch the fun in the video below!